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Yogaamya is comprised of 2 words Yoga and Amya in which Amya in Hebrew means People Of God so Yogaamya means Yoga practiced by children Of GODTransform your mind, body and soul at our yogaAmya. Let’s take your journey towards a healthier and happier life.


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Yogaamya-Fitness Centre concentrate to help people heal in the most natural way without any type of medicine. Yogaamya-Fitness Centre wants to take people to combination of modern and ancient healing techniques which will not only make their physical body healthy but will also make their inner and social-healthy, happy and peaceful. We want to make people’s lifestyle better by introducing them to modern and yogic Diet/Ahar, Yogic Asanas including Vinyasa Flow, Hathyoga, Ashtanga Yoga etc, Cleaning Practices like Jal neti, Sutra Neti, Trataka etc. We bring ancient healing techniques- Acupressure, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, etc. We aim to spread natural techniques around India without losing it real essence.

Founder's Message

Yogaamya-Fitness CentreR was founded in October’2019 by Shivansh Kaushik (B.Sc., M.A. Yoga Sciences, YIC from SVYASA, M.D. Acupressure, M.D. Chiropractic, Diploma Nutrition Diet and Health Management). He believes – There is no need to follow any Yoga Guru, Spiritual teacher, Motivational Speaker or some famous personality but just inculcate their qualities in your life. Following them will not only bring their qualities but will also bring their negative habits to oneself. Come under a mentor and learn the qualities taught by him/her but don’t lose your quality of discrimination – what is right or wrong. He wants to spread the real essence of YOGA, DIET/AHAR, MEDITATION and PAIN RELIEF THERAPIES. 




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Refresh your Mind, body and Soul

With our easy-to-follow yoga asanas, nutrition advice, immense pain relief therapies and mindfulness exercises, you’ll be feeling your best in no time.

Mansi Bajaj

I started yoga sessions a month back at yogaamya for weight loss. I have lost 3 kgs till now. The sessions are very calm as the teacher instructs in a peaceful tone throughout the class. It also helps in relieving stress and keeps active. Overall, I have a nice experience at yogaamya.😊

bhuvika kalucha

Best yoga classes, Yoga is taught very nicely and at reasonable prices, I had an amazing experience here. I recommend everyone to join thr yoga classes and feel the difference. Also, the accupresure sessions are quite effective. Thank you so much Shivansh sir. 🙏😊

Ishika Khaneja

Best center for all ages. All equipments are available. Expert Teacher. Environment is welcoming. The trainer teaches in a systematic way. Wonderful place to build a yoga journey that I can continue for lifetime.
I recommend people to join 😊

    Healing soul is a priceless treasure, cherish it